Featured Jon’s Subaru – “Big Red”

June 26, 2013
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Featured Article:  “Big Red”

Winner of our Instagram Rolling Shot Contest!!!

 We asked Jon a couple of questions to get to know more about him and how he got to be a Subaru enthusiast.

Let’s see what Jon had to say!!!


Subaru Sense: What is your name and where you are from?

Jon: My name is Jon Wood and I’m from Upstate New York, close to Albany.


Subaru Sense: How did you become a Subaru enthusiast?

Jon: My dad has been a Subaru master mechanic for twenty five years. I’m twenty two, so obviously I grew up surrounded by the smell of motor oil and boxer engine (if they had a distinct smell). I started building them with him when I was fifteen. After I told him I wanted a civic and he decided that he was going to make sure that never happened and made me buy my first blown up Impreza. Ever since I’ve never drove anything else. Ironically now I work with dad at Goldstein Subaru out of Albany, and we’re one of the largest Subaru dealerships in the region.


Subaru Sense: What can you tell us about your car?

Jon: Big Red was a java black pearl 2004 WRX. I bought it dismantled from a friend of mine, who had picked it up from California after the body was done, so I can’t take any credit for the body aside from annual maintenance. The car had a blown engine, no transmission, most of the drivetrain was in the interior, the hood and bumpers were off; one bumper being in a different county. The car was hardly recognizable as it is today, but I saw a diamond in the rough. I put it back together with your standard 2004 drivetrain and drove it like that for a few years. I sought after more power, so after going over my options I decided to have an STi drivetrain imported from Japan. It now sits with a version 7 EJ207, a matching 6 speed, Brembos and the complete drivetrain. It has a VF30 turbo at the moment, but I will be upgrading to a 3076R come spring as well as an APR spoiler and some new wheels, preferably Volk TE37’s. The mod bug has a habit of biting relentlessly these days.


Subaru Sense: What is the thing you like best of driving a Subaru?

Jon: I like the fact that when I get behind the wheel, it’s not just a drive. Too many people live their lives commuting from A to B and fail to enjoy it for the experience it is. Since Big Red is daily driven, I get to enjoy that experience at least once every day. Everyone who drives a Subaru knows the feeling I’m talking about; that ready for anything, hugging the road, boxer rumble feeling.


Subaru Sense: Tell us something you wish to share with us.

Jon: I have the stars of Pleiades tattooed on my back, 100% Subaru devotion. Keep an eye out, Big Red will have quite a few changes after this winter. Keep up the Instagram contests, @Subarusense ftw!!



We like to thank Jon Wood for participating in our Instagram contest and sharing with us the experience with his Subaru.

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