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Edwin Candelario STI 10.02@133mph

Apr 02, 2016Comments off

Edwin Candelario STI PR 10 second 2015 STI with time of 10.02@133mph.


White Bullet STI 8.48@168mph

Nov 28, 2015Comments off

White Bullet STI 6spd manual Subaru World Record 8.48@168mph.


Elvis Ortiz STI 9.85@139mph

Nov 26, 2015Comments off

Elvis Ortiz Hatch STI gets into the 9 seconds zone and makes a World Record with time of 9.85@139mph.


Lester’s 10.64@126mph STI

Jul 09, 2014Comments off

Lester Casiano STI 10.64@126mph with his 93oct + meth setup!!!