8 Second Drag 2.5 RSTI

September 27, 2014
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1/4 Mile: 8.964 @ 163.25mph

This is the story of an enthusiast that wanted to explore the all-wheel drive world and what a better selection for this task than a Subaru. It all started back in 2007 when the Canadian Benjamin Marcus purchased a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS. Back then Benjamin did all his engine builds and fabrications, but he came to a point that he wanted to add more performance to his project.

In 2008 he decided to stop everything he was doing and completely disassemble the car down and do a full build from the ground up.  He turned his direction to professional builders such as AMS and Tony Rigolli. Working as outside sales for Street Tuned Motorsports he was also getting all kinds of help assembling the car which they are mainly known as Mitsubishi specialist. They were up to the challenge of building their first drag Subaru.

After several years of work and time put in the car it had it’s first public exposure at Buschur Annual Shootout in Ohio. A  few weeks later he began testing the car at a local track hitting a first pass of 9.15@158mph and a best pass for the day of 9.01 @161mph. With this impressive passes on the car first time at the track with the new engine build he went back the next week and getting this time the world record of 8.96@163mph, just AWESOME!

Today Benjamin’s GC has a whole new setup just waiting to rip the track lane all the way to the end, looking to surpass his own record!

Vehicle Information:
2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RSTi

Block – TRP Drag Spec
Pistons – TRP Spec
Connecting Rods – TRP Rotating Assembly
Camshafts – GSC S3
Valves – Supertech +1mm
Springs – Supertech Dual
Retainers – Supertech
Head / Main Studs / Case Bolts – Deshele Performance 1/2″
Intake Manifold – Cosworth Reverse Intake w/Cosworth TGV Deletes
Throttle Body – Skunk2 72mm
Fuel Injectors – FIC 2150cc
Fueld Delivery System – Weldon 2345A
Boost Controller – Hallman
Spark Plugs – NGK
Exhaust Manifold – STM Forward Facing
Exhaust System / Downpipe – STM Side Bumper Exhaust
Wastegate – Precision PW46
Blow-Off Valve – TIAL
Intercooler – STM AWIC + Icebox
Oil System – KillerB
Fuel Cell – STM 2 Gallon Fuel Cell w/ Weldon regulator Pro classic lines
Turbocharger – Precision 6766

Springs – Swift Custon Drag Spec
Shocks – D2 Coilovers

Roll Bar – STM 8.5 Certified NHRA Cage
Seats – Kirkey Aluminium Seat
Harnesses – Racequip 6 point
Steering Wheel – Sparco Wheel
Gauges – AIM Pista Digital Dash

Hood – Carbon Creations
Trunk Lid – Carbon Creations
Doors – Seibon Carbon Doors
Headlights – STM Headlight Delete
Taillights – GC STI Tail Lights
Paint – Sedona Read Pearl

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels – Volk TE37SL Black Edition 15×8
Tires – M&H Drag Slick

Benjamin would like to thank all of his Sponsors:

    • Street Tuned Motorsports
    • TRP Rigoli Performance
    • Torque Solutions
    • Detective Coating
    • TK Race Heads
    • Fuel Injector Clinic
    • Camber Clothing
    • Marcus Transformer of Canada

Click >>HERE<< to follow Benjamin’s GC build progress!


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